Love films? Love a unique community experience? Come along!

Collective Cinema is a new pop-up venture, screening films in south east London. It’s all about bringing people together to enjoy a movie in a unique venue.

We are screening films in the iconic St Margaret’s Church, between Lewisham and Blackheath.

Working with local musicians from Blackheath Centre for Singing, we will also bring you music on the church organ and live singing. Adding a whole new dimension to the experience.

And we will be serving drinks and snacks from local businesses in the area – think Brockley Brewery beers, Doisy & Dam chocolates, Chegworth Valley juices and more.

We work with local charities, volunteer groups and other good causes in Lewisham and Blackheath, offering them free tickets to our screenings.

Space and Sci-Fi Icon

Space and Sci-Fi

One of Britain's most famous astronomers, Edmond Halley, is buried in St Margaret's medieval churchyard. What better excuse to screen some space and sci-fi favourites? Halley would surely have approved!

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These films touch on different British experiences and communities, past and present; expect laughter and tears, unity and division - and a little bit of south London in Attack the Block!

Musical Icon


Music and churches go hand in hand, so it feels obvious to screen films with great songs and soundtracks. Look out for our screenings of Moulin Rouge, accompanied by live church organ and singing, taking the film to a whole new level!

Family Icon


For families with younger children, we are screening a selection of favourites in the afternoons - all ages welcome of course! Children's tickets are half the price of adults' and little ones go free!

Comedy Icon


Two great comedy Brit flicks; an east London-born actor appears in both of them - do you know who?

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